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Lease Purchase Process

Our buyers love the lease purchase program, because it gives them time to save up for a larger down payment; time to clean up past credit problems, or time to sell another home. With rent to own homes, the owners are obligated to sell to you. 100% of your deposit is credited towards the predetermined purchase price of the home, plus you may be eligible to receive a credit of the monthly payment towards the purchase price every month you pay your lease on time.

Seven steps to a lease purchase:

  1. Identify the type of home to purchase:
    1. Determine the size of home, price range, minimum bedrooms, baths and location
  2. Application process:
    1. Fill out a one page application that will allow the consultant to analyze some valuable information
  3. Consultation:
    1. Meet with a consultant to go over more specific circumstances
  4. Decide on a home:
    1. After meeting with the consultant and having all that information you can pick a home
  5. Terms of Lease to purchase:
    1. Laying out the terms of the lease agreement and the purchase agreement so that both parties agree
  6. Buyer moves in:
    1. During this time, the buyer will pay the rent on the due date is in the lease and will take care of the home per the lease agreement
  7. Purchase:
    1. Once all items from the consultation have been addressed the buyer will purchase the home(on or before the agreed date.)

Please e-mail or call for a list of homes that we have available for lease purchase.

From here, feel free to go back to our Homepage, or send us any inquiries you may have and we’ll get right back in touch.

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