Customer Survey – Sterling Property Management

Customer Survey – Sterling Property Management

At Sterling Property Management, we pride ourselves on setting the standards for other property management companies to follow. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, so we can tweak and improve our processes and procedures for future customers.

 (This questionnaire is referring to the most recent maintenance issue you addressed with Sterling Property Management.)      

1. When you contacted the office to place a service request, did you:
 Speak to the maintenance coordinator Leave a voicemail for the maintenance coordinator Email the maintenance coordinator

Please provide detail

2. How would you describe the follow-up process from your initial contact with the maintenance coordinator?
 Easy and without any hassle OK, just what I expected Below average, took several phone calls and I experienced unreturned voicemails
Please provide detail

3. Has the maintenance issue been remedied?
 Yes, and in a timely manner Yes, but with difficulty No, only a portion of the issue has been handled.
Please provide detail

4. How would you describe the cleanliness/preparedness of the person who physically completed the repair issue?
 Better than expected OK, just what I expected Below average, needs improvement
Please provide detail

5. Did the person who completed the issue leave the premises clean?
 Yes, he/she cleaned up the work area upon completing his task No, he/she left the area dirty and in need of attention
Please provide detail

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